AAT Children's home

Purpose of the project

To ensure access of 200 children’s  safe accommodation, tender love, proper care and nourishment, through establishment and operation of sustainable children’s home  and setting up schools and vocational training centers for the inmates of the children’s home and students of economically backward sections

One of the primary objectives of the Trust is running of Childcare homes for children and providing education to the economically backward students. The trust is presently running a childcare home with few children’s of various ages through AAT Children’s Home. The trust is finding difficult to accommodate more children in the children home due to lack of infrastructure even though children are looking for the admission in the childcare home. The trust is providing free education to the inmates of the children’s home. The trust is finding difficult to provide quality education to the children as the cost of education is increasing day by day and also due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Implementation of online teaching causes a lot of difficulties to the students in the economic weaker sections of the community as they are not having the smart phone or computer required for attending the classes.

Education is the most potent tool for socio-economic mobility and a key instrument for building an equitable and just society. Education provides skills and competencies for economic well-being. Education strengthens democracy by imparting to citizens the tool needed to fully participate in the governance process. Education also acts as an integrative force in society, imparting values that foster social cohesion and national identity.

The trust is planning to set up a school and a vocation training center to impart basic education as well as to impart various skills set to students so that they can be self-sufficient. Acceptance into the program does not mean that students will be placed into a practicum. Students will be individually assessed as to their readiness for the practicum in term of skills, knowledge and personal suitability.

children home's activities

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