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About us

Amutha Akshaya trust, a charitable organization solely engaged in providing succor to the depressed, destitute, downtrodden and old age persons since October 08th, 2010.  This noble Endeavor goes ahead with the blessings and guidance from J Amutha Lakshmi, the Managing Trustee of the trust. The trust runs a home for the depressed and the destitute, which is situated on outskirt of Alagar Kovil, in Madurai district, Tamilnadu state. At present, this organizations expenses are met largely out of contributions of the managing trustee and due to the active involvement of the local people and their meager financial contributions. The Trust has stated a Children’s home to take care of physically disabled and mentally retarded people in of Alagar Kovil, in Madurai district, Tamilnadu state.

Amutha Akshaya Trust is a not-for-profit organization is working since 2010, well-known for its commitment to work with marginalized sections of the society and empower them attain dignified quality life.


Children's Home


One of the primary objectives of the Trust is running of Childcare homes for children and providing education to the economically backward students. The trust is presently running a childcare home with few children’s of various ages through AAT Children’s Home.

old age home


To ensure access of 600 poor helpless and destitute and old aged persons to safe accommodation, tender  love, proper care,  nourishment, health service and other basic needs through establishment and operation of a sustainable old age home.



The objects of the trust is to provide medical relief by constructing and maintaining hospital to provide free medical treatment and medicine to the poor, abandoned and old age people and conducting medical camps and providing health care facility.

Our Vision

To provided care to the lives of the helpless and destitute and old aged persons in the society and even those aged persons neglected by the family who did not get proper care due to poverty or any other reason, so that they live valued members of the society with a piece of mind, smiling face, light and loving heart before going to their eternal home. To create a society of people with pure practices of living instead of somehow existing.

Our goal

To ensure a sound and friendly environment for the poor helpless and destitute and old age persons towards achieving a promising  peaceful condition for them, fostering their physical, mental, social and spiritual development and well-being as well. Over time, it has proved that the people who have been taken care of, once they get transformed from insecure, depressed, dejected state of mind, are capable of contributing to the activities of the trust. 

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